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  • Brett Kern

    I wonder why we didn't bring in another punter? This guy sucks.
    "Hey Giants, who's your Daddy?"

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    Agree. I don't trust him at all. Last year in the playoffs TB, Siposs was terrible and it cost us some valuable field position. You would think this team would have learned it's lesson.
    Jake has been really good with Kern holding so maybe that they don't want to sacrifice that for a punter that will only be another unknown.

    Hopefully we aren't punting deep in our end too many times in this game.
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      Hope the plan isn’t to go for it every 4th down
      We're looking for people that are fundamentally different,” vice president of player personnel Andy Weidl said Saturday night. “The love and passion for football, it's non-negotiable. They're caring, their character, they do the right thing persistently, and they have a relentless playing style that you can see on tape. The motor, it burns hot. You see them finishing plays. They have a team-first mentality. They're selfless individuals.


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        I believe I may have identified the problem with Brett's punting. His Bio list's only one parent...Cal Kern, his father. He apparently had no human mother. I wonder if any of us would have become good punters if, in the countless times in our lives we've filled out forms requiring a listing our parent's names, all we could write for our mother's name was "Petri Dish'". Sorry, I meant, "Peach Tree Dish".