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Report: Eagles will be "first in line" to sign Plaxico Burress

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    The latest as of 6/13/11...

    In an interview with ESPN's Stephen A. Smith, free agent Plaxico Burress called the Jets an "intriguing" potential landing spot and seemed to rule out a reunion with the Giants.

    "Me and my coach had an ambivalent relationship to say the least," Plax said of Tom Coughlin. "Some things that I didn't agree with, with the way he went about things. And the only way to show my way was to just rebel." Burress did say his relationship with Bill Cowher in Pittsburgh was much better. Asked about the Jets, Plax said "I've thought about it," and praised Mark Sanchez. He will be on the Jets' radar if Braylon Edwards leaves in free agency.
    According to NFL Network's Jason La Canfora, the Eagles currently believe free agent Plaxico Burress is unlikely to land in Philadelphia.

    "Internally in that organization, I can tell you they think it's unlikely he lands there," said La Canfora, who suggested Burress would have to accept the veteran's minimum to be an Eagle. There have been so many conflicting reports on Burress and the Eagles that we're not sure who to believe. We'll find out once the free agency period opens, hopefully in early- to mid-July.


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      I love how someone not know anything can somehow be a story. Haha.

      Tony Dungy Isn't Sure If Burress Will End Up In Philadelphia

      Plaxico Burress appeared with Tony Dungy today in Manhattan at an event where he pledged to promote gun safety and healthy living with the Urban League. Clearly, he appears to be following the blueprint set forth by Michael Vick... Dungy said today that his experience with Vick makes him think that Burress can have similar success.
      "Plax told me, ‘I can be better. ... I was banged up my last year. I was not healthy. So I haven't been able to run and work the way I would, but I'm healed up so I can be better,'" Dungy said. "After what happened with Mike, I can't doubt it. There's something that, as a coach, tells me I don't believe that, but I'll have to let it play out and see."
      Dungy was also asked about the rumors that Burress could potentially be heading to Philadelphia to join up with Vick. He didn't sound like he really knew either way.
      "I don’t know that would be the case. He wants to be some place where he’s wanted, where he’s comfortable," Dungy said, throwing a bit of cold water on the possibility. "I don’t think playing football is the most important thing for him now. He wants to play very badly and feels like he had two years to rest his body up, so he’ll be able to play. But just like with Mike, I think it becomes important but not the most important thing."
      That will certainly be the next question for Burress. He's attempting to follow in Vick's footsteps as far as rebuilding his life, but will he now follow Vick to Philadelphia to try and rebuild his career?


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        I'm not sure if I'm gonna have steak or chicken.


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          Latest Plax News...

          Adrian Peterson said Tuesday that he welcome the opportunity to play with free agent Plaxico Burress.

          "Of course, I would love him to be a part of my team," said Peterson. "He's a guy before he left the game for two years, he was one of the top receivers in the league." The Vikings are trying to get younger, not older, though ESPN's Adam Schefter floated the idea Tuesday night that Plax could be a fallback option if Sidney Rice is lost via free agency.
          Free agent Plaxico Burress admits he's "thought about" playing for the Jets this season.

          "I am not going to sit here and front," said Burress. "For me to go to one side to the other side and win a championship in the same (city), how many people have done that? ... Of course (the Jets) are appealing." Plax also dropped a couple of hints via Twitter that the Jets are one of the teams at the top of his list. He's one of the options the Jets are expected to consider if Braylon Edwards signs elsewhere.
          Sources tell Yahoo Sports' Michael Silver that the Eagles are gearing up for a Super Bowl run in 2011 and plan to be aggressive in pursuing their goal.

          "This is the year," said one Eagles source. "We think we have a great shot to win it, and we’re loading up and going for it." It's no secret that the Eagles plan to spend in free agency. Silver suggests a possible run at Albert Haynesworth, in addition to Plaxico Burress and possibly even Reggie Bush. The first order of business will be trading Kevin Kolb for a first-day draft pick.
          The Arizona Republic considers free agent Plaxico Burress and supplemental draft prospect Terelle Pryor both unlikely to land with the Cardinals.

          The Republic's Kent Somers is killing two birds with one stone here. The Cards have much bigger weaknesses than wide receiver, and certainly aren't in need of a quick-fix 34-year-old. They also have plenty of developmental quarterbacks on the roster already. Arizona won't be getting either player.


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            I think AR took questions from fans and one asked about Burress. Reid spoke pretty highly of him, more than I would have expected for the typical coach speak always talk positively about players.

            I'm getting the impression Reid wants him despite his age and would offer something between a modest and reasonable contract. One upside to the Vick situation is it seems to make Philly a very desirable destination for troubled players, from whom the Eagles can take their pick.
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              Interesting. Clearly he's NOT going back to the Giants. Really throws Coughlin under the bus here, which I'm totally OK with.


              Plaxico Burress: Jets are 'appealing'

              NEW YORK -- Plaxico Burress is open to all possibilities when it comes to where he will play next, but he certainly sounded like a man who will not be reunited with Tom Coughlin.

              In an in-depth, one-hour interview with ESPN's Stephen A. Smith, Burress discussed his difficult relationship with the New York Giants head coach, how intrigued he is by the possibility of helping the New York Jets win a Super Bowl and his relationship with quarterback Eli Manning among numerous subjects.

              "My situation in New York, me and my coach had an ambivalent relationship to say the least," Burress said at the National Urban League headquarters where he held a press conference to promote gun safety. "Some things that I didn't agree with, with the way he went about things. And the only way to show my way was to just rebel. Is that who I am? No."

              "That was one of the biggest problems when I left Pittsburgh when I came here," Burress continued. "I had a relationship with Bill Cowher inside of football and outside of football. He always had an open-door policy to where you could come talk to him or tell him what was on your mind. When that was taken away from me, I kind of felt it was like: I'm the coach, you are the player. It doesn't matter what you have to say. You just do what I tell you to do."

              "This is not college," he added. "This is professional sports. If you can't sit down and go talk to a man that you are busting your tail for, not even have the respect for anything that you have to say, like I said, the only thing I knew then was to rebel."

              Burress, who will turn 34 in August, will become a free agent once the lockout ends. He has not played football since 2008 when he accidentally shot himself in the thigh after carrying an unlicensed gun into a Manhattan night club. He was just released from prison last week after serving 20 months.

              While numerous Giants say they want Burress back, the wide receiver who caught the game-winning touchdown in the Super Bowl to defeat the New England Patriots during the 2007 season for the Giants did not sound like he was eager for a Giants encore.

              "I just believe that sometimes I took things for granted," Burress said of his time with the Giants. "Now I am in a better place mentally and just happy. I don't really think I was in a happy place then. I was just in a place to where I didn't like to go to work during the week but I just love to play on Sundays. And a lot of that had to do with the relationship that (Coughlin and I) had. I just want to go somewhere that is refreshing and be happy to be there and it's my second coming."

              Coughlin was at a Giants golf event in Westchester and spoke to reporters earlier on Monday afternoon.

              "What I am saying is I wish Plaxico and his family nothing but the best," Coughlin said, according to the Newark Star-Ledger. "I would hope some form of normalcy would come back to their lives. I mean, he had a child born when he was incarcerated. Those things, I can't imagine what his wife went through.

              "But I hope they have a chance for normalcy to return to their lives and Plaxico can be reacquainted with his kids, and I'm sincere. As to the rest of it, you never say never (about a return to the Giants). But we have not talked about it."

              Burress said he is open to all teams but did say that the idea of winning a Super Bowl in New York again -- with the Jets -- is enticing.

              "It's been thought about," Burress said when pressed on the idea of joining the Jets. "I am not going to sit here and front. For me to go to one side to the other side and win a championship in the same (city), how many people have done that? And do I have the capability to lead a team to a championship? Without question."

              Burress did not rule out the possibility of returning to the Giants, although the odds appear to be slim at best. But he shed light on a frosty relationship with Coughlin and disputed a report that he was fined between 40 to 50 times for violating team rules such as being late to meetings.

              "That is inaccurate," Burress said. "I missed a few meetings. There is no way possible. There is no way I missed 40 or 50 meetings in the four years I was there."

              He also said he was not fined $500,000 or more during his time under Coughlin.

              "For somebody that has been fined half a million to a million dollars, that's absurd," Burress said. "You would get to a point to get in line somewhere if it ever got to that point. But that is not the case. Whoever gave you that information is just blowing a bunch of smoke."

              Burress said that while he was in prison, former teammates like Brandon Jacobs, Osi Umenyiora, David Tyree, Michael Strahan, Gibril Wilson and Amani Toomer visited him. Steve Tisch, Giants chairman and executive vice president, also remained close to Burress and paid a visit.

              Burress says Coughlin did not make the trip upstate to the Oneida Correctional Facility.

              "There's a few people that I really didn't expect to come visit me," Burress said.

              The 6-foot-5 receiver did say he would have liked to have seen Manning while he was in prison. But he only had positive things to say about his old quarterback.

              "We had a pretty good relationship while I was there," Burress said of Manning. "It was more work. I have always been a supporter of him. It was always a working relationship. When we were playing together, we were the best duo in football. You can't take that away from us. Nobody scored more touchdowns in that time frame that I was there in the four years that we were there."

              "Would I have liked him to come see me? Yeah," he added. "But I understand, he is a family man. He just had a baby. Congratulations."

              Burress said that even while in prison, he has noticed how Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez seems to be more popular than Manning.

              "Eli has won a championship and the crazy thing about it is it is almost that Mark Sanchez gets more pub than the world champion quarterback which is crazy," Burress said. "And I'm looking at it from afar. The man went out and led the organization to a Super Bowl but for some reason, I guess Mark Sanchez is supposed to be better than the guy that has already won one."

              Burress does believe he can help Sanchez, or any other quarterback, the way he helped Manning. He says he needed the time off for his various injuries to heal. He also believes he is a more mature and humble player after experiencing what he has gone through.

              "You got guys (in there) that are never going home," Burress said of his fellow inmates. "Rapists, murderers, pedophiles, everything that is associated with jail and crime, I was there with them. There were 22 or 23 of us guys on a unit and I looked at myself and my situation and I was saying, am I really here for what happened to me?

              "Looking at what some of those guys were in there for, I didn't think I deserved to be there but at the same time I was looking at it like, I am going home. Some of these guys are not going home."

              Burress said he was carrying an unlicensed gun prior to accidentally shooting himself because he feared for the safety of him and his family. Not long before Burress carried his gun into a night club, teammate Steve Smith was robbed at gunpoint in front of his home in Clifton, N.J.

              "I have professional friends that have been robbed at gunpoint in front of their house, people breaking into their house, tying them up, all kinds of crazy things," Burress said. "When you hear things like that you say that could have been me. So you take the initiative to protect yourself and that was the reason why I chose to carry a gun."

              "I've had my house broken into twice," Burress added. "It is not a good feeling. You feel violated. People calling your phone and saying certain things or what have you. Those are some of the things I have never talked about, some clown may get your phone number, threaten you. I have a wife and two kids."

              With Tony Dungy acting as his mentor, Burress teamed up with the Brady Center and the National Urban League to talk to youth about gun awareness and staying away from guns on Monday.

              Burress wants to make the most of his new life and part of that next step will be to find a new team. The Philadelphia Eagles, St. Louis Rams, Washington Redskins and Jets have all been mentioned as potential possibilities.

              Besides picking what is best for his family and joining a contender, Burress will also consider how he will mesh with potential new head coaches. He hopes to sit down with the head coach of a team that is considering him and see if they are a good match.

              "First of all, I wouldn't make a decision to put myself in a situation to play for anybody that I would have a problem playing for," Burress said. "I will sit down and talk to the person and look the man in the eyes and let him know what I am all about. That is what relationships are all about and how they evolve is to get to know the person."

              Burress said he lost $12 million sitting in a prison cell for the past two seasons and not playing football. But he believes what's much more valuable is the lesson he has learned and the person he has become.

              "To be honest, I would rather be in the place that I am at right now than have $12 million," he said. "Mentally, physically and spiritually, I'd rather be this person that I am today than to have that $12 million. That is just being real. I've had some missteps and everything that has happened to me I pretty much brought it on myself."

              Burress has pronounced himself healthy both physically and mentally now. Once the lockout ends, Jets coach Rex Ryan may want to give a certain receiver a call.

              "Of course they are appealing," Burress said of the Jets while reiterating that he is open to all teams. "Ever since I came to New York, the fans have embraced me. It is a great city and a great town. It will always be a special place to me regardless of what happens. I can't say the Jets or Philly or anywhere of that nature but I am going to make a decision that is best for me and my family. It may not be the best team but put yourself as a piece to the puzzle and say what's the best chance I have to win a championship."

              Whichever team signs Burress for next season will be getting a Super Bowl-winning receiver who feels fresh and motivated.

              "The way I look at it, I was out there playing on one leg, half a shoulder, and one knee," Burress said of his last two seasons with the Giants in 2007 and 2008. "And I was basically out there dominating without even practicing (due to injuries). I have had a chance to heal up. It feels good to run with no pain and to get that spring back. It is going to be exciting. I think everybody is going to be in for a rude awakening."

              Ohm Youngmisuk covers the Giants for

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                The latest as of 6/16/11...

                Giants coach Tom Coughlin says he doesn't "pay any attention" to free agent Plaxico Burress' public comments about him.

                These two still don't seem to be on the best terms. "I don’t pay any attention to it. It is what it is," Couglin said Wednesday. "Maybe he’s sending me a long a badge of honor, how do I know." There remains very little chance that the Giants will be willing to sign Burress when transactions are allowed.
                Several coaches and NFL scouts tell Matt Bowen of the National Football Post that free agent Plaxico Burress' market will be underwhelming when transactions are allowed.

                Bowen writes that there are more "questions than answers" as to what Burress can bring, and one NFC coach even called Plax a "product of the New York offensive system" when he was still playing. The same coach predicted that Burress would be "close to average" as a player after two years in prison. We suspect the team that does sign Plax will be a contender who views him as a role player.
                Coach Rex Ryan indicated that the Jets will hold off on a decision to pursue Plaxico Burress until their own free agents are addressed.

                Ryan answered questions about Plax with generalities about the free agent rules. "I'm excited about seeing what happens when the rules come out," said Ryan, "And rolling up our sleeves and having at it." Asked about adding another player of questionable character to the mix, Ryan said, "Nobody's perfect. Everybody's made mistakes in their life. Certainly, I've made more than my share." Plax admitted earlier in the week that the Jets are an "appealing" option.


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                  Do we need to slow down the talk on Plaxico?

                  I like the idea of Plaxico Burress aligned as the X receiver in my offense on 3rd and medium (think 3-step passing game) and in the red zone where you can throw the slant and the fade on the goal line.

                  But am I putting too much value here on the former Giants WR that has been out of football for two years?

                  Over the past couple of weeks, Burress has been a topic of conversation because he is a new player to break down in this dull, dry offseason that has been overshadowed constantly by the courtroom and the NFL lockout.
                  I’ve talked about him, the NFP’s Andrew Brandt has crunched some numbers on a possible looming contract and we try and place him with certain teams for the 2011 season: Eagles, Jets, etc.

                  However, I started to ask around recently to people in the league, both coaches and scouts. And there isn’t an overwhelming amount of desire from what I am hearing to run out and bring this guy in once the lockout is lifted. If anything, more questions than answers on what Plax can provide to your roster in 2011.

                  One NFC coach thought he would be “close to average'” this season and went back to what Burress showed on tape with the Giants. Mentioned that he wasn’t a great route runner and more of a product of the New York offensive system.

                  Now, we should all agree that Plax will play football this season. Too much size and opportunity to get him on the field in what I call “situational football” (game plan design) to at least not give him a look.

                  But maybe we should slow down a bit here in our projections that he is going to walk into a camp, line up in one-on-ones and start ripping through the secondary on the fade, post, etc. There is a lot of work to be done in terms of conditioning and getting back on the field using football specific movements.

                  Like I said, we are going to continue to try and breakdown Burress until he signs with a new club, but let’s see what really happens once he get into camp.

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                    I don't believe this was posted. This is a direct quote form Reid about Plax. At least lets you know how he feels about him, if not about whether the Eagles want him or not....

                    "Plaxico is a good kid. He made a mistake. He's worked through it. I wish the best for him whatever happens. I think he's, as they would say, paid the fiddler and deserves a second chance," Reid said. "Wherever it happens, it happens. He has paid a price and now he has an opportunity to come back and still has years to play. I wish him the best, no matter where he ends up."
          , let's try this again...


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                      6/17/11, Per RotoWorld...

                      According to Pro Football Weekly, the Vikings have "looked into" the possibility of signing free agent Plaxico Burress.

                      PFW makes it sound like Burress is only a fall-back option if the Vikings don't retain free agent Sidney Rice. Re-signing Rice is probably going to be the team's No. 1 priority once the lockout is lifted. Burress is 10 years older than the Vikings' star young wideout, and no more than an iffy stopgap solution.


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                        6/20/11, Per RotoWorld...

                        Sports Illustrated's Peter King says that "unless a lot of people I speak with about it are lying," there is a distinct lack of interest in free agent Plaxico Burress.

                        King is "mind-boggled" by this fact, and asserts Burress will "catch 60-plus balls and be a good deep threat" if he's healthy. That's a stretch to say the least. We appreciate King for his impressive league-wide connections, not his football analysis.
                        The Steelers' coaches are interested in free agent Plaxico Burress, according to beat writer Gerry Dulac.

                        The coaches may very well want Burress back, but the Rooney family is almost certainly against it. After dealing with the off-field headaches surrounding Ben Roethlisberger and Santonio Holmes over the past couple seasons, character players are expected to be a priority. Top beat writer Ed Bouchette is already on the record saying Burress won't be a Steeler.


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                          Wouldn't it be tampering to go on record of having interest in a player?
                          Whatcha Gonna Do Brother, When the Eagles run wild on you?


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                            Originally posted by leifdawg View Post
                            Wouldn't it be tampering to go on record of having interest in a player?
                            I don't think so. "No club, nor any person employed by or otherwise affiliated with a club, is permitted to tamper with a player who is under contract to or whose exclusive negotiating rights are held by another club." Do the Giants still have exclusive negotiating rights at this point or not?


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                              Originally posted by YourPalChrisMal View Post
                              I don't think so. "No club, nor any person employed by or otherwise affiliated with a club, is permitted to tamper with a player who is under contract to or whose exclusive negotiating rights are held by another club." Do the Giants still have exclusive negotiating rights at this point or not?
                              Even if they do, I think the team owning the rights has to be the one to complain about it for there to be any consequences, and the Giants I think have said the first thing they will do once the lockout is lifted is to release Burress. So, they shouldn't have any qualms about other people talking.


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                                Burress is a free agent (NYG holds no rights - not sure but I think they cut him) so there wouldn't be tampering, unless maybe it violates the agreement the owners have among themselves not to make any personnel moves until the lockout ends, but I kind of doubt that.